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Originally founded as a butchers’ self-help organization, today the CENTRAVO Group is a combination of logistic companies, highly specialized industrial companies, trade and raw materials brokerage companies, and the largest recycling company of its kind in Switzerland. 


CENTRAVO’s business covers the entire range of the slaughtering and butchering process: for production and/or marketing of food and pharmaceutical products (FOOD/PHARMA); for by-products preparation for animal feed (FEED) and on through to the energetic use of recyclable or waste materials (ENERGY). 


The CENTRAVO Group is an organization that is a part of Swiss meat industry. Its shareholders distribution is approximately equivalent to the market share within the industry. 


The entire CENTRAVO Group achieved a turnover of approximately CHF 250 million and employs around 350 people. 


GZM Environment Report 2011
GA 2012
4th Bernese Water Day, 13 March 2012, Bern


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